LIVIDITY - The Cumplete Demography 1994-2005 (2LP)

LIVIDITY - The Cumplete Demography 1994-2005 (2LP)

Finally this incredible collection from the Masters of brutal porn drenched death/grind from the USA!!! 35 Tracks taken from all their demos, rehearsals, some live stuff, sick art work!

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35 hidden diamonds of ultra guttural brutality the American way - the ultra rare LIVIDITY promo 94 (one man project), the Ritual of Mortal Impalement / split with MORGUE FETUS from 1995, unreleased Ritual of Mortal Impalement sessions 95, rehearsals 95, the split 7" with TERRORISM, live Ohio Deathfest 99, the split 7" with PROFANITY, live 2003 from Czech Rep., live in Lyss Switzerland 2004, a Pussy Lover live edition from the Illinois Metalfest 2004 featuring Shaun LaCanne of PUTRID PILE on vox, the Used, Abused and Left for Dead rehearsals, and an unknown studio track from 2003!!!! - liner notes from Dave Kibler hisself - ultra sick artwork from all LIVIDITY's artists - a whole page of sick photos from all their line ups to date - a whole page of thankslists... - 2 pages of rare LIVIDITY flyers, tickets and posters for the fans all in all in an 8 page booklet for your brutal pleasure!!! LIVIDITY - SUPPORTING THE UNDERGROUND SINCE 1993!!!

White vinyls, limited 400 ks.

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